Questions our customers have asked:

    Are my items insured while they are in your care?
     It is our responsibility to keep your items safe and in the same condition . All items in pawn are insured by a nationally recognized insurance company.

    Are my items safely stored while in pawn?

    YES. Unique Pawn Shop takes special care to seal all of our customers precious valuables in individually wrapped and labeled packages. Then, they are transported by armored truck accompanied by armed guards to our private, state of the art, bank vault, which is under constant 24 hr surveillance.

    What happens if I am late making my payment?

    Unique Pawn Shop tries very hard to give our customers sufficient time to pay the amounts due. All loans have a 30 day grace period. If you need time beyond that day please call the branch number on your ticket. If you cant reach a Gem agent, call our info line at 571-313-8375.

    Can I lose my pawned items?

    Over 90% of our customers repay and redeem their loan. If a customer chooses not to repay the loan it will be forfeited. The customer has no further obligation to the loan contract.

    How much do you pay for colored stones and diamonds?

    We use the industry standard Rapport ReportĚ to determine diamond loan values. We count every stone to insure the maximum loan value. Colored stones are a different story though and most are counted into the weight of the gold, unless they are higher quality rubies, emeralds, sapphires or larger tanzanite stones, etc.

    How much does it cost to borrow money?

    Unique Pawn Shop is licensed by the Sterling, Virginia  Department of Consumer Affairs to lend money at the rate allowed by the State of Virginia. We charge 5% per month or any part of a month. This is one of the lowest pawning rates in the country. Each State has a different rate as prescribed be their legislature (Florida charges as much as 25% for one month.) There is also an insurance charge and other small legally permissible fees, all of which can be found on your pawn ticket.

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